What We Do

ARKA has a 60-year legacy reaching back to the very beginnings of our country’s space endeavors.

The ARKA Mission

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End-to-end Provider

Driven by customer satisfaction, continual improvements and dedication to mission success

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World Class Pedigree

A distinguished record supporting our country's national security

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Unmatched Execution

Meticulous benchmarking and trusted performance at the heart of every mission

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Leading the Change

To outpace the adversary with exquisite, mission critical hardware & operational software

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ARKA Capabilities & Technologies

Global Persistence & Warfighter Support

ARKA brings leading capabilities that address the needs of the warfighter and advance the future to:

  • Develop & deliver world class optical and photogrammetry capabilities, dedicated to the nation’s most critical missions
  • Advance domain leadership to build any future architecture, fueled by innovation and agility
  • Bring technical solutions that meet and deter threats
  • Partner with customers to develop future strategies
Ground Processing & Analytics

ARKA offers unmatched technologies and AI/ML capabilities that scale to meet current and future challenges through:

  • World-class Software Factory in house to build and deploy future tools
  • Deep expertise solving mission-critical space vehicle communication challenges
  • State of the art modems, software-defined radios & turnkey test automation equipment
  • Solutions built for the cloud or any dedicated IT environment
  • Legacy of expertise in ground station and satellite communications
Next Gen Space Operations

ARKA provides innovative and future-focused capability that enables the next generation of space operations through:

  • Multi-layer solutions to current and future space threats
  • Advanced mission planning and management
  • Space situational awareness capabilities, along with custom algorithm development
  • Proximity operations enabled by robotic servicing
  • Innovative hardware and software solutions

Beyond Begins Here

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