We are fueled by imagination and driven by mission success. Born out of our advancements in space we support the most complex national security missions. Our work helps inform critical decisions that give our nation’s leaders, warfighters, and allies the advantage to achieve the extraordinary. We are ARKA.


One Mission.
ARKA combines the strength of visionary aerospace and defense companies, bringing unparalleled innovation, expertise, and capabilities to ensuring our customer’s mission success.


Danbury Mission Technologies develops and delivers state-of-the-art optical and electro-optical systems that bring insight and foresight, letting customers make the right decision at the right time.


AMERGINT Technologies leads the way in mission-critical communications and is the essential partner in the innovation of communications technologies.


Tethers Unlimited creates advanced spacecraft subsystems, including solutions for clearing space debris, communications, propulsion, and robotics.


A Powerful Legacy.
A More Secure Future.
We’ve been here since the beginning of the space race and are always there when our nation needs us. From technologies that help deter confrontation to innovations that help enable a global economy, we advance the most important programs and visions.
.01 Facilities
sq. ft. of facilities dedicated to advanced design, development, and manufacturing
.02 Workforce
mission-driven scientists, engineers, and professionals
.03 Years in Operation
More than half a century delivering success in science-based missions
.04 Track Record
on time delivery for more than 10 years
supporting Army Aviation
.05 Mission Experience
space missions for DoD, IC, and
civic programs


Security Space
ARKA advanced technologies have enabled earth reconnaissance satellites to deliver imagery that helped avert the Cuban Missile Crisis, end the Cold War, and keep our nation and allies safe. Our satellite subsystem and electro-optical solutions help lead the way in strengthening safety, stability, and security from space to enhance our Nation’s strategic national security advantages.
National Security Space
From aircraft to ground vehicles and beyond, our defense systems support a wide range of military platforms, providing our nation and its allies with critical warfighting advantages. Our solutions provide essential information to ensure that warfighters can conduct missions effectively and return home safely.
ARKA optics and optical systems have made it possible for scientists to peer into the universe across the electro-magnetic spectrum—from the x-ray and to the deep infra-red, expanding our understanding of the cosmos. Our systems are deployed on a broad range of satellites and are critical enablers to the success of science missions performed in space.
Space Science
Communication Systems
ARKA communications technologies are central to the systems that keep us in contact with everything in space—from distant satellites to the astronauts on the International Space Station. Our platforms support and secure ground networks, satellite operations, launch vehicles, and missile test systems essential to national security and space science and human exploration space missions.
Communication Systems
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Beware. Magicians.
If you thrive when confronted with the impossible and seek those driven by the most complex missions—you’re one of us.

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