Comms Service Management

Scheduling and Intelligent Brokering Solutions.

ARKA’s Comms Service Management solution schedules and intelligently brokers resources for space & terrestrial-based users. It handles all Comms types as agnostic services and supports RF, laser comm, cross-space links, phased array SATCOM providers can change physical communication resources without impacting their users, and monitor the quality-of-service of hundreds of commlinks in real-time while performing anomaly detection and user satisfaction analytics.

ARKA provides intelligent comm brokering, enabling monitor and control of heterogeneous comms services. With dynamic asset management, schedule adjudication, real-time monitoring, and advanced reporting, we ensure flexibility, reliability, and adherence to Zero Trust Architecture principles— supporting rapid and secure deployments in virtualized and cloud environments.

Enabling Near-Realtime Flight-Plan Changes.

Enabling the ability to re-point the space-based antennas in near-real-time when flight plans change, ARKA provides tools to generate new pointing data despite limited user telemetry or location data. In combination with enhanced vectoring, we provide optimized user interfaces to reduce in-flight repointing time  from 1 hour to 1 minute.

Our Solution Offers:

  • Enhanced Vector Estimation: Accurately extrapolates a user’s position with limited data to re-point space-based SATCOM antennas to close communication links.​
  • User Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface boosts user performance, minimizes errors, and requires minimal training.
  • Enterprise Integration: Seamlessly and quickly integrates into existing SATCOM systems, reducing integration risk.
  • Full Customer Ownership: Modular design and simple architecture helps makes transfer of ownership seamless and issue-free.