Software Defined Radios (SDRs)

Software Defined Radios

The SWIFT Software Defined Radios (SDRs) represent a state-of-the-art communication solution. These radios offer a flexible and adaptable approach to wireless communication by employing software-based signal processing. SWIFT SDRs excel in their ability to handle various communication protocols, frequencies, and modulation schemes. With programmable features and real-time reconfigurability, SWIFT SDRs provide a versatile platform for applications ranging from military communications to civilian radio systems, offering a dynamic and efficient solution for modern communication needs.

SWIFT products can include an array of interface options, integrated AES encryption, integrated diplexer/splitter, ranging, and multiple coding, modulation, and framing options to support a wide range of mission area needs.

ARKA offers the following SWIFT products:

  • SWIFTTM -SLX   supports S/L-band Transmit/Receive
  • SWIFTTM -XTS supports S/L-band Transmit/Receive and X-band Transmit
  • SWIFTTM -XTRX supports X-band Transmit/Receive
  • SWIFTTM -XTX supports X-band Transmit


RAVEN represents the latest generation of ARKA’s Software Defined Radios (SDRs). RAVEN provides significant capability in a small package, with greater bandwidth, Gbps throughput, and RF spectrum coverage. RAVEN can readily accept third-party applications to provide a tailored solution.

Additional Communications Offerings

Power Amplifiers

ARKA’s Wideband Power Amplifier, X-band Power Amplifier (XPA), S-band Power Amplifier (SPA), and Ka-band Power Amplifier (KPA) provide additional RF power to assist systems designers in closing links with margin.  Our power amplifiers are designed to be self-contained with external PA disable and fault monitoring outputs as well as an RS-422 link for easy access to the control and status reporting functions. Our amplifiers are optimized to integrate easily with our SWIFT and RAVEN radio platforms.


CryptoSWIFT is an easy to install turn-key solution when an inline encryptor is essential. Featuring small size, weight and power, CryptoSWIFT can provide the FIPS 140-3 compliance that your customers expect. CryptoSWIFT hardware can be integrated into a SWIFT SDR chassis to further decrease size and weight requirements and increase system packaging efficiency