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Space Domain Awareness & Space Superiority

SDA Recent Innovations

ARKA is proud to engineer cross-domain SDA solutions for critical, programs, with mission expertise spaning Space-Based and Ground-Based Situational Awareness.

Activity Prediction for Anomalous Behavior Classification

Understanding the difference based on pattern-of-life anomaly detection and comparisons to prior/known behaviors drive earlier delivery of indication and warning (I&W) and enable better decisions.  ARKA’s technology automatically classifies new, anomalous behavior as threatening, cooperative, or inadvertent.



Sensor Data Quality Analyzer

ARKA technology addresses potential mission shortfalls by sensing sensor biases and alerting operators to potential anomalies before that data is disseminated.  Autonomous measurement processing alleviates operator burden and reduces latency for producing updated conjunction assessments, while providing realistic uncertainties for accurate collision probabilities.



Optimizing Collection

Optimizing the collection opportunities for highly valued assets is a complex process that involves the best lighting, look angles and sensor-to-object geometry.  ARKA leads the way in enabling and planning collections on objects of interest, and the prediction of future co-variance to acceptable mission levels.  Better planning means better collection and confident mission execution.

SDA Activity Prediction


The machine learning (ML) Transformer Encoder-based AI model is initially trained with observations from several real-world data scenarios.  Then, real-time actual data is used to discern a normal/standard pattern-of-life.  Deviations from normality cause the model to automatically reclassify the object(s).

High Performance Space Object Propagation

ARKA’s modern software factory  efficiently propagates large space object catalogs by employing modern approaches to memory maintenance and multi-core/multi-thread operation.    Coupled with web assembly modules that allow for low-latency, high-performance, and seamless use interface experiences, our cutting edge approach maximizes efficiencies for mission execeution.